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The Genius Technology Engineering was established in January 2008, it provides high level descriptions for industrial maintenance, both for complex software systems design and immediately becomes partner Reggiane Fantuzzi Group, a world leader in the construction of port machinery, from which it receives the mandate to perform the service and spare parts exclusively for the territory of Campania and Lazio.

Through the assembly and marketing of personal computers, LAN networks, printers, scanners, various software packages and in general everything that revolves around automating company office before and then, offers itself as a technological reference to cope with the increasingly rapid growth and evolution of the industry.

The company develops two divisions, computer science and plant:

The division responds to the computing needs of businesses whether small, medium or large and any industry sector, with hardware and software standards and / or customized.
And 'structured to perform maintenance services on equipment and computer networks, operations are performed in the laboratory of the seat. The service is also provided at the premises of customers, setting, maintenance contracts for equipment and networks. Our programmers develop with the Visual C, Visual Basic, Cobol CICS DB2, Fortran VHDL RPG400, RPG4, environments Dos, Windows NT, Unix, Ile, As400.

We develop custom web projects ranging from simple showcase on the Internet to a complete catalog of Commerce at 360 degrees with services also include advice on compliance with privacy laws.

The mechanical division, however, is characterized by the design, construction installation and maintenance of steel structures, mechanical, civil and industrial electrical systems, processing power, video surveillance, remote control and heating ventilation and air conditioning.

We provide consulting services, accident prevention, risk assessment and business consulting services procurement, construction supervision and coordination for the safety Decree 493/96

The G.T.E. works with companies of great importance that operate in the port of Naples and they are:
- Co.NA.TE.Co. S.p.a. with which it has a contract to assist the garrison CED hardware and software, as well as the daily performance of supervisors and mechanical maintenance workers specialized cranes and forklift lifting containers;
- SO.TE.CO. LTD Coscon and Italy Srl, which has entered into service contract Hardware and Software.